Manohar Jassi, Tax Consultant, Expatriate Tax Services team

Before joining Buzzacott I had just come out of university having completed a computer science with management degree at Kings College London. Looking for grad roles, I came across Buzzacott’s UK/US tax specialism which seemed a unique and interesting area to work in.

I’ve been at Buzzacott a year now, and since joining I’ve found that Buzzacott’s lived up to the reputation - everyone has been welcoming and open, even throughout the interview process. My mentor checks up on me regularly and is always happy to help, encouraging me to be inquisitive and ask questions.

On the Buzzacott Expatriate Tax Services team we’re in three sub-teams and are very team oriented. We have great socials within our sub-teams but also as a whole team.

Being client facing so early on has definitely been a standout part of my role. Meeting with clients makes your contribution more tangible and I work alongside managers and partners on client advice and tax returns regularly. Partners are approachable as they’re always on the office floor which also makes it easy to collaborate with them.


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