About us

At Buzzacott, nearly 500 people work together under one roof at our office in St Paul's, London, making us the largest single office accountancy firm in the UK. We are also part of PrimeGlobal, an association of independent accounting firms.

We’re big enough to display deep knowledge over a range of specialisms, but small enough to understand the power of personal connections. We long ago moved from being accountants to being advisers and are now partners to our clients. In fact, we believe that what we do is as much about relationships as expertise, so we’re looking for individuals who are prepared to look beyond the numbers, to see the people and stories behind them.

The importance of relationships is equally important between colleagues. We expect our teams to collaborate with each other to successfully operate across departments. It means externally we support the whole of the client rather than a fragment and internally we all benefit from shared experience and knowledge.

Our values

Trust. Everything we do is based on trust. Trust between colleagues internally, trust between us and our clients.

Client focus. We see each client as an individual. By taking the time to know them and understand their view - whether familiar or unusual - we can shape our service to fit them. We believe that it’s only when we’re standing where they’re standing that we can serve them properly.

Exceptional service. We always add value. By making extra efforts to support people as well as we can and continually striving to be the best at what we do.

Approachability. We collaborate. By working to create a friendly, open and receptive environment when we talk to both clients and each other.

Specialism. And we’re specialists. We’re sector experts in multiple areas, plus niche sectors handled by few other firms. So you find opportunities here that you don’t find elsewhere.


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